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Albuquerque Bilingual Academy
Albuquerque Bilingual Academy
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Albuquerque Bilingual Academy

Our Promise

Read Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates here: Albuquerque Bilingual Academy will be closed between March 13-April 6, 2020


Albuquerque Bilingual Academy is a FREE K-8 bilingual charter school. A 18:1 teacher student ratio provides an excellent, personalized, family learning environment that can quickly identify and correct learning issues. We offer FREE lunch and bus transportation. Our multi-cultural, diverse enrollment prepares our students for today’s increasingly technology driven, bilingual world.

The MISSION of Albuquerque Bilingual Academy ensures that culturally and linguistically diverse students thrive in an academic, family centered, developmentally seamless continuum of learning where high expectations, PRIDE, respect and empowerment meet grade level proficiency.

P=Practice R=Respect I=Involvement D=Determination E=Excellence


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Back to School!

Welcome Back Students, Families, and Staff!

Please visit our 2020-2021 Reentry Page for details related to our plans to return this school year!


If you have moved since the last time you have filled out your enrollment forms, please contact Diana at so that you receive your Pandemic-EBT at your correct address.

Here are more details for you to read about the Pandemic-EBT:



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